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James Chase Solutions was started because of a demand across the technology sectors for better recruitment services and more value-add during the hiring process.

Our backgrounds are working for the ‘bigger’ recruitment organisations, who unfortunately due to their size and overheads force a level of high cost and poor work ethic that is well out of place in today’s market.

The requirement for competent, highly-skilled personnel isn’t always easy to predict. That’s why companies need the efficient, flexible and rapid response that we provide. We make it our priority to fully understand our clients’ organisations and business issues and our candidates’ skills and career aspirations; all with a view to ensuring the right fit, not the immediate fit.

Whether we’re working with a global organisation or a small niche firm, our service is second to none. We’re labour intensive in our work ethic, creative when it comes to candidate attraction, and have helped our clients substantially grow their profitability through the staff we supply. Our recruitment process involvement doesn’t start and finish with securing top talent. We give advice and support at every stage of the employment lifecycle, from improving employee performance to developing future leaders, consistently adding value and increasing productivity. Whatever your need, whatever your issue, make contact and let us put together a solution for you. Hundreds of companies have done just that and been so glad they did.

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We really do! Each of our staff has a real desire to be part of the industry sector or technology area they work within. Based on this passion we are able to operate at respected levels, providing us access to unique candidates, candidates who trust us with their details, who are happy in their current roles but always open to new opportunities, this is how we stand out in a crowded marketplace.

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