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James Redmond

James Redmond
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James Redmond

Account Manager

​James Redmond is a Account Manager for the UK Team at James Chase.

Since working at James Chase, James' knowledge and interest in the UK's incredible tech market has expanded hugely. He's particularly interested in understanding the latest development trends - especially those involving Node js. and React js. James is also passionate about connecting and upskilling candidate communities to help people confidently take the next step in their careers, reach out to him if you'd like to learn more about these communities.

If you're looking for your next challenge working in Product Management, Digital Marketing or Software Engineering give James Redmond a call! ​

Key Specialisms

  • Software Engineering & Tech
  • Digital Marketing & Sales
  • Infrastructure & Support
  • Product Design
  • Mobile App Development
  • Infrastructure Change and Transformation
  • Product Management
  • Data Analytics