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Are you worried about the thought of contracting for the first time? Do you think you have the right level of skills to become a contractor?

Of course it is a daunting thought, losing the benefits a permanent employee is entitled to and the security that comes with that. However, don’t think this way. Contracting has many benefits which are not only the financial reward or the flexible lifestyle. It also comes with great career progression and the chance to work in some many different organisations.

Don’t ask yourself if you have the right level of experience to become a contractor. Everyone is suitable as there is a contract out there for every person dependant on the level of experience you have. The contract market is driven on the need for flexible work labour, not for pure specialists.

How Do You Get Paid – Limited Company or Umbrella Companies?

Becoming a contractor gives you two options for setting up a payment structure in order for your wages to be paid on time. Firstly there is the option to set up a Limited Company which is a self managed process. Or alternatively contractors choose the second option of registering through an umbrella service. This is a more effective and hassle free way to manage your time. An umbrella company is a company in its own right and takes care of the administrative and tax issues.

Whatever your preference, our team are on hand to help you when this exciting moment arrives. We work with many of the UK's leading accountants & umbrella companies and can provide you a hassle free service to help you through this process.

Contractor Services

The quality and contentment of our contractor and associate base is the bedrock of our contractor services. Our aim is to establish long term working relationships with professional technical contractors and consultants.

We provide a professional support structure to you that includes access to professional advice on contractor issues as well as a wide spectrum of opportunities.

James Chase Solutions is a financially stable operation, we run a weekly and monthly pay run and aim to settle correct invoices within 5 working days. Each contractor is assigned a named point of contact to handle day to day issues and can access Senior Management if a commercial decision is required.

Our Contractor Care includes:

For more advice on contracting or to discuss specific contracting needs please get in contact.