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During my search for a new job James Chase were so helpful and supportive. They provided me with great advice during the process steps. For sure I will contact them for my next career move.

I really enjoyed working with JCS; they have a very consultative nature and very diligent consultants that produced some good results whilst I worked with them. Their consultants will always put people first, which is quite rare in the recruitment profession.

I would consider them to be a subject matter experts in their field who offer added value through advising clients of the more appropriate solutions to their problems. I would be happy to talk with you further about James Chase Solutions.

We’ve been working with JCS closely for many years now. Their knowledge and experience of the technical market in the UK is second to none. Their consultants are dedicated and committed, always willing to give that extra push.

I cannot recommend James Chase enough for their honesty and high quality of service. They are very professional, helpful and genuine, and always go the extra mile.

JCS are very good recruitment managers and consistently sourced high quality candidates which greatly improved my ability to be able to deliver projects in a timely fashion.

I've found their consultants to be a very personable and "human". They are professional, communicative, and have a relaxed integrity that makes them stand out.

James Chase are an extremely highly motivated group, who display a rare level of commitment and drive. They operate at the highest level of integrity, being both trustworthy and honest, building solid relationships with clients and colleagues alike.

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We offer expertise in...

From the very beginning we’ve always recognised the importance of specialism within specific job functions. We’ve steadfastly concentrated our efforts on the delivery of contract and permanent recruitment solutions within niche IT technologies. By working closely with our clients, our business model provides a superior, more informed and responsive IT recruitment experience than those provided by larger, technology non-specific agencies.

Our specialist teams have established, successful networks which give them access to a wide range of professionals at all levels throughout the UK and overseas. Our approach is simple but effective; to understand our chosen markets and recognise all clients as unique and individual.

We specialise in...

And this list of specialist functions continues to grow reflecting new technologies, market trends and most importantly, the needs of our clients. We have a continuous research and development program in place and are committed to covering new select IT areas.

We also provide extensive technical testing services, offering you the opportunity to put all candidates we submit you to test, along with the option for you to gain a further depth of insight in to the skills of your existing employees through the testing of them too.