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I really enjoyed working with JCS; they have a very consultative nature and very diligent consultants that produced some good results whilst I worked with them. Their consultants will always put people first, which is quite rare in the recruitment profession.

JCS’s attention to detail and quality approach delivered exceptional candidates to me. They’re a tenacious group as well as good listeners and communicators. I would definately use them again for any recruitment activities.

I would consider them to be a subject matter experts in their field who offer added value through advising clients of the more appropriate solutions to their problems. I would be happy to talk with you further about James Chase Solutions.

We’ve been working with JCS closely for many years now. Their knowledge and experience of the technical market in the UK is second to none. Their consultants are dedicated and committed, always willing to give that extra push.

I cannot recommend James Chase enough for their honesty and high quality of service. They are very professional, helpful and genuine, and always go the extra mile.

JCS are very good recruitment managers and consistently sourced high quality candidates which greatly improved my ability to be able to deliver projects in a timely fashion.

I've found their consultants to be a very personable and "human". They are professional, communicative, and have a relaxed integrity that makes them stand out.

James Chase are an extremely highly motivated group, who display a rare level of commitment and drive. They operate at the highest level of integrity, being both trustworthy and honest, building solid relationships with clients and colleagues alike.

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Not for Profit

The public sector along with other nongovernmental not for profit organisations are an integral part of our business landscape. Whilst providing employment for a large proportion of the UK technical workforce, they ensure a wide range of services are offered for the pure benefit of our population and other populations worldwide. They ensure, and will continue to do so for many years to come, that the UK remains one of the most welcoming and ethical places to live on the planet.

For our public sector clients we appreciate how the joint pressures of the recession and budget cuts are hitting their sector hard. Across Local Government, Central Government, the NHS, Housing, and Education, adaption needs to be made to cope with these pressures, and that’s where James Chase Solutions come in.

Through the signing of a number of key framework agreements, we are in a position to help introduce innovative recruitment and resource management solutions. Our clients drivers are to improve efficiency in both their services and organsiational structure, and the technical staff we supply help underpin this change.

Along with the public sector, our experienced, established and recognised not for profit team, work with some of the largest national charities and trusts, to some of the smallest local associations, all whom are delighted to be in partnership with us.

We are completely dedicated and unique; we truly understand our client’s values and the financial pressures they feel daily, and consistently work to maintain a high delivery of quality technical individuals, at an incredibly low cost to hire.

If you are a not for profit organisation with a technical role that you would like us to present candidates for, or are interested in a new move within this sector, then please contact us today.