Our methods, technology and reach means we never fail to get an offer within six-weeks from initiation of the campaign. When you want the best, engage with the best!

Key Hire

For making a critical hire to your team, project or company using the latest innovation, tech and processes.

Why Key Hire?

When it’s important to get the right person for a business or project critical role, not just the first person in a CV race - our Key Hire product truly is best in-class. Key Hire is our modern and constantly revised version of a classic search product.

We’re only interested in building long-term relationships so spend a great deal of time understanding our candidates’ motivations – building meaningful relationships with the best, hard-to-find passive talent. We heavily invest in taking the time to understand your business, its core ethics and vision to ensure your new hires will not only excel in their role but will also be a good fit with your team.

Main benefits

  • Broader reach globally

  • Enhanced efficiencies across all aspects of the hiring process

  • Exceptional candidate journey and experience

  • Innovative and creative edge in the search for exceptional talent

  • Back to back SLAs - zero ambiguity

All of our staff are happy to help you land your dream role

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